upcycled backpacks

Memorable, fun, photogenic!
Inflatable mattresses for beach were always a common sight during summer.  
But what after just one little hole makes it unusable?
I was troubled and puzzled. At the same time, I was a big fan of inflatable furniture and had moral doubts about buying it.
Croatia, being a popular tourist destination, makes an easy target for after-season trash. Locals witness huge piles being left one year after another.
RKSK is one solution to prolong the use of plastic inflatables.
Treat the problem as a free material option, simply by cutting, stitching, and gluing the found objects.
Prototypes were made out of new inflatables, after which a web of donations was established and new, one-of-a-kind models were made.

I am open to starting again if a good team should form.


Nives Milješić + Barbara Radelja


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